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Nourishing the Magic of Taos

Nourishing the Magic of Taos

This edition we will explore the many treasures of our region (see our in-house map!) as well as ask the question, “How can travel nourish the magic of Taos?” Here at Heritage Inspirations we have created pint-size tours that support small businesses, engage local and Tribal Member guides, offer locally sourced and sustainable menus, and provide a researched and insightful history of the region.

Charting the Magic of Taos

Now you can fly directly to your Taos H.I. tour from San Diego, Los Angeles, Austin, and Dallas on TaosAir. Begin your adventure sooner as you skip security lines, save time, and enjoy aerial views of the gorge and surrounding mountains. This intimate flight experience is a perfect  bonding opportunity for family reunions, friend gatherings and wedding parties.

Once you arrive in Taos you will want to make the most of your experience. Join us for our Taos Artisan Walking Tour to orient yourself to the artistic traditions of our town. Our tour will definitely pique your interest and you might want to dive a little deeper into the history and culture of Taos Pueblo on our Half Day Cultural Tour led by Tribal Member Guides. We are so excited that Taos Pueblo has re-opened, and we are able to offer these tours again.

After getting a cultural taste of Taos, it is time to enjoy the fresh air and pristine views of our wildlands. Make sure you optimize your time on our active day trips that connect you with the geology and wildlife of the Del Norte National Monument and introduce you to the joy of fishing in favorite local spots.

If you want to make Taos a multi-day adventure for you, you can check out our overnight backpacking experience in the magical Columbine Wilderness coming out on the Gavilan trail of Taos Ski Valley. Your senses will be satiated by babbling brooks, meadows of wildflowers, and mountain views. For a perfect way to unplug we offer our Perseid Meteor Shower Glamping Tour. Come experience our pure night skies set ablaze by the fiery trails of meteors, in the comfort and style that is the hallmark of our  Glamping tours. Go “Luxuriously Wild” with H.I.

It is not too late to make the most of summer and enjoy the cooler temperatures and lush fields of our valley.

Find out why Taos is the jewel of New Mexico

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Nourishing the Magic of Taos

A Conversation with Director of Marketing + Tourism for the Town of Taos Karina Armijo and H.I.enthusiast Anee Ward

For the past seven years Karina has taken a forward-thinking approach to her position as Director of Marketing + Tourism for the Town of Taos. A long term resident of Taos, she has worked as a graphic designer and marketing strategist for numerous businesses, non-profits, and artists. This issue we talk to her about her love of Taos, sustainable tourism, and the important role of working with local businesses like Heritage Inspirations.

Anee: Can you tell me a little bit about your journey to becoming the Director of Marketing + Tourism for the Town of Taos?

Karina: I graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from the University of Cincinnati. It was actually a Bachelor of Science which introduced me to the many facets of marketing. My first design/marketing projects were for Taos Magazine and Blue Rain Gallery, and many other local organizations. The needs of small town businesses required me to work on many aspects of marketing, event coordination, business development, website builds, writing content and graphic design. I owe much to my mentor and former employer Janet Webb of Webb Design. All of this history comes into play in my current position for the Town of Taos.

Anee: Why have you chosen to stay in Taos for so long?

Karina: Actually Taos chose me. I had my bags packed more than once, and then serendipitously a great opportunity presented itself. And of course getting into golf, skiing, biking. Taos is less about the tangible and more about great experiences.

Anee: How do you think we keep the independent spirit of Taos alive while still inviting people to come and visit?

Karina: We are not marketing to everyone, my job is to attract people who will appreciate Taos, and everything it has to offer. There are few chain retailers, and we make sure we don’t mislead people who are looking for more mainstream experiences. My focus is on Destination Management by working with the community to ensure that the effects of tourism leads to positive outcomes for our residents, small businesses and visitors. We try to balance boosting the economy with the quality of our events. Seeking artists who don’t mind smaller venues and who may have a connection to Taos. We appealed to Sting and Lyle Lovett because they love Taos.

Anee: Why do you think it is important to support local businesses like Heritage Inspirations?

Karina: People come here to learn about Taos, its stories and history. Knowing and sharing these stories is something that local businesses should strive for. And to share those stories with accuracy. This continuity is essential to our cultural sustainability. Heritage Inspirations strives to get the story right, while sharing that Taos is an inspiring and special place. And I am always interested to see how new ways to enjoy and appreciate Taos develop.

Anee: And finally, why Taos?

Karina: Taos has been so good to me. It’s a fit, it’s my home, and always will be.

Dive into the magic of Taos for yourself, reserve your spot on one of our Taos Inspired Tours.

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