What to Expect: Taos Artisan Walking Tour + Chocolate

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Taos has been on the map as an art colony since the late 1800s and it has a reputation for its eclectic talented creative populace. We know you came to this high desert mountain town to not only experience the ethereal light and vivid landscape but to also encounter this dynamic community, where they can’t help but bring their remarkable art to life.

We will share with you a mix of old and new, we’ll investigate downtown’s rich art history, and we’ll discover the vibrant center of this uniquely quirky and highly tolerant community.

Heritage Inspirations guests in Taos, New Mexico
Heritage Inspirations guests in Taos, New Mexico
Chocolate in Taos, New Mexico
Artisan Walking Tour in Taos, New Mexico

You’ll glean an insider’s perspective to the hidden art gems, as you walk the back roads of downtown Taos with your local guide. Starting on Kit Carson Road at El Monte Sagrado Resort, you’ll weave in and out of winding alleyways exploring the historical context while you pause to mix with the local art scene.

Owners of Tres Estrellas shown with textiles in their gallery, Tres Estrellas, in Taos, New Mexico.The overall tour theme will be to illustrate and experience the vibrancy, color and character of the artists who have contributed so much of Taos’ eccentric story. Follow in the artists’ footsteps while we visit a variety of studios, engaging with their inventive creators and appreciating their inspired creations.

The tour will finish with our artisan version of happy hour fun. We’ll go to Chokola Bean to Bar, which makes organic, small-batch, exquisitely crafted chocolate. Here, you’ll taste the supremely sipable chocolate elixir, and as you taste the aromas of carefully infused flavors, you’ll also learn about their chocolate bars artisanally wrapped in gold by local Tao artists.

You can’t help but see outlandish individuals that embody Taos’ funky artistic spirit while walking the streets of downtown. So, immerse yourself in the local artisan population with our Taos walking tour and let us introduce you to these offbeat backroads of Taos, while you get a taste of local cacao artistic infusion – book one of our top rated Taos Tours today!

Taos artist, Rich Nichols, in his studio in Taos, New Mexico.