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EST. 2015 · Celebrating 9 Years of Inspiring the Heritage throughout the Land of Enchantment

Heritage Inspirations Tour Company provides year-round authentically-curated guided tours that take you off the beaten path of northern New Mexico.

Our tours illuminate our diverse and incredible people, our iconic cultural sites and traditions, while unveiling awe-inspiring landscapes and natural wonders.

Experience a road less-traveled on our specialty designed tour itineraries that explore Taos, Santa Fe, Albuquerque and Chaco Canyon regions and beyond.

Choose from an active outdoor expedition, an e-bike tour, an insider's walking tour, a hands-on culinary immersion, or a roving glamping adventure; either way you’re guaranteed to find a travel program that thoughtfully anticipates your needs and feeds your soul.

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We take you off the beaten path

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Our mission is to create an inspirational travel experience
that elevates your senses creating a spiritual encounter with New Mexico.


H.I. is passionate about our long-lasting relationships with our local partners. Our "Local Partners" imbue the authentic quality woven into the fabric of our trip design. We offer an invitation for our guests to meet locals, visit their homes or studios and become part of the story on tour.


Each of our Expert Guides holds a “Leave No Trace” Certificate that upholds the mindfulness of reverence, respect and minimal impact on the places we trek. We work with our land management areas to ensure integrity and preservation as stewards of the land. Our intent is to educate, elevate and explore our National Monuments, Parks and UNESCO Heritage Sites with our guests through engaging a deeper connection to each place visited.


H.I. are storytellers. We are committed to partnering and celebrating our New Mexico Pueblos, Hispanic communities and local artisans by highlighting their voices and talents on our tours. Travel can be a positive vessel that supports local communities through partnerships. We aim to unveil the cultural-crossroads imprinted throughout time instilling authenticity and connection to bridge the gaps of history and modernity. Travel provokes curiosity and provides the opportunity to learn more about ourselves as we experience other cultures and landscapes.


Travel is a tool for transformation, and there is no place like New Mexico to recalibrate, unplug, elevate and ground. We intimately know our culture, adventure, and wild places of New Mexico, and how important it is to go beyond the beaten path. Our trip design is a woven tapestry of storytelling, adventure, spice and unveiling the back roads and topography in the different destinations you are touring with us. Each tour we have curated in our different regions is a work of art.


We design each tour to provide our guests with an intimate opportunity to explore and discover the region. Our number one mission in our tour development is to provide a relevant, reverent, and deeply inspiring educational narrative. When joining our tours we think of everything, especially when you’re traveling with us at higher elevations, we provide chilled water, electrolytes, snacks, and most importantly the fortified relationships with our local partners that bring depth and vitality to your experience. If you’re on a driving tour with us your guide will have a cooler of drinks, local reading materials, blankets when it’s cold outside, and a gregarious and insider narrative to educate you on every step of the way.


Our expert Regional Tour Guides are passionate and knowledgeable not only about the focused tour subject but also weave in the comprehensive layers of our unique state. Our guides wear many hats facilitating tours from public speaking to logistics and are always about cultivating fun and inspiration in their work. We train our guides to be educators who are committed to a relational guest experience, safety, cultural relevance, storytellers bridging the gaps from present to the past, stewards of the land, teaching about history, geology, flora and fauna, geomorphology, local heritage and colloquialism, and the authentic quality that only New Mexico offers. Our inclusive and eloquent tour guides are magic makers who will put you at ease so that you can experience feeling a personal relationship with the enchanted people and places visited.

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Half-Day & Full-Day New Mexico Tours · Private Tour Itineraries · Multi-Day Glamping Excursions

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