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Entering the Mandala: The Journey to Radical Self-Care with Heritage Inspirations

Entering the Mandala:
The Journey to Radical Self-Care with Heritage Inspirations

As the nights grow longer and the Aspens flicker with autumn gold, it is a time to
turn inward, peel back the layers of the year, and connect with the elemental rhythms of nature.
No place is like New Mexico in the fall. Startling blue skies articulate every ledge and rock formation of our rose hued canyons. Blooming Chamisa recall the golden hues of oil paintings by the Taos Society of Artists and Red-Tailed Hawks trace the archetypal patterns of the “widening gyre.”*

*The widening gyre, the falcon can no longer hear the falconer. -The Second Coming, William Butler Yeats

This year Heritage Inspirations has developed incredibly poignant experiences designed to connect our guests to the stillness of our land, the cadence of ancient practices, and the sanctuary of self-discovery. Our 3 Night – 4 Day High Desert Wellness Retreat, southwest of Abiquiu, in the Chama river basin synthesizes these intentions in the luxury of a H.I. glamping immersion. The hub of our glamping retreat is located on the 52 acre homestead of Casita de Arrebol. This thoughtfully appointed and sustainably designed strawbale Bed and Breakfast provides a kitchen, restrooms, and a space for evening fires, while the expansive property and our state of the art glamping tents will welcome you home in an otherworldly, remote landscape.

Based on her life journey of personal healing, Angelisa has curated a wellness team of individuals who have worked directly with her. Our women guides do not bend to the airy confections of the wellness phenomenon, but have deep roots in education, world travel, and professional achievements. Through Indea yoga, sound healing, aromatherapy, labyrinth walks, essence portraits, massage, and nutrition, Angelisa and her team have created a sacred space to slow down, unplug, and rejuvenate before the holiday in the serene month of November.

Looking for an inspirational adventure that is just around the corner? There is still time to experience H.I. magic during our Chaco New Moon Glamping Tour. The New Moon over Chaco tells the ancient story of celestial alignment, architectural marvels, and generational migration. Let our glamping team take the stress out of your visit and provide you with an inspired, artful space where you can relax, focus, and dive into the mystery of Chaco.

Headed to Taos? We will instantly connect you to the mystique of the “Green Jewel.” As the sun crests over Taos Mountain retracting the shadows of the Taos Gorge, our inspired yoga instructor Kari Malens of Taos Yoga will lead you in a morning meditation on the rim of our stunning river canyon. Feel yourself align through movement with the rising sun, the soft desert breezes, and the deep aroma of sage and piñon – and maybe a visit by a Bighorn sheep or two. OR you can visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Taos Pueblo on our Half Day Cultural Tour, with Taos Pueblo Tribal Member guides.

Start your journey to radical self-care today


A Conversation with H.I. CEO + Inspired Guide Angelisa Espinoza Murray and H.I.enthusiast Anee Ward

Anee: Heritage Inspirations is expanding its wellness offerings, can you talk about the term “radical self-care” and what it means to you on a personal level?

Angelisa: In a world that is continuously wired, where people are on all the time, it is hard to find a place where you can’t be reached and asked to respond to life’s litany of requests. It is important to find sacred spaces where you can turn off, be still, and reflect. It was my time at Casita de Arrebol, a secluded homestead on 52 acres in the Chama river basin, where I got my inspiration to create our High Desert Wellness Retreat. I wanted to give our guests the opportunity to indulge in joy and go beyond the parameters of the spa experience, to go so much deeper. We have been mindful to not jam-pack the itinerary, so guests have permission to read, write, sip coffee longer, savor the moment. To me, creating these spaces is an integral part of radical self-care.

Anee: Can you tell me how you curated your wellness team?

Angelisa: When it comes to wellness there is such a trend to reach for the quick fix. Our retreat is about cultivating practices that can be useful for the long run. Our yoga guide, Kari Malens, has a deep background in athletics that has inspired her to heal the body through Indea Yoga meditation. She addresses the blocks affecting various muscular systems to create balance, and long term transformation. I have also experienced the power of Valerie Badyar’s (founder of the Mongata healing Center, Santa Fe) sound therapy myself. I was in awe of her masterful use of tuning forks, among other ancient instruments, and her ability to “tune you back to you.” Our team also includes guides who have expertise in essence photography, aromatherapy, massage, labyrinth walks, astronomy, and regional traditions. This wellness retreat illuminates the gifts of our wellness team, weaving each experience like a tapestry or blanket.

Anee: It seems like this kind of journey could make one feel vulnerable as they peel back the layers to see what’s really there?

Angelisa: This is so true! That is why it is so important to us to create a sacred space that can hold our guests and nourish them on their journey. Our team is a united group of down to earth individuals whose careers reflect integrity and depth. For real transformation, people have to feel emotionally safe, and not subject to fads or airy promises.

Anee: Why is it so significant that this retreat happens in New Mexico as opposed to other beautiful spots in the west?

Angelisa: I have traveled all over the world. And no place is like New Mexico. It is raw, and authentic. It rips open what is fundamental. The site of Casita Arrebol is set in an inspirational and breathtaking landscape on the edge of the Colorado Plateau in New Mexico and evokes a lens of discovery deeply rooted beneath the sacred earth. We will travel to the luminescent spires of Plaza Blanca, the ribboned canyons of Abiquiu, and the emerald river of the ancient Chama river basin, drawing on the elements of earth, air, fire, and water for nourishment in an intimate group setting. I wanted to draw on New Mexico’s intense beauty to reveal an inner landscape of self discovery. This retreat is New Mexico’s love letter to you.

Spaces are limited, reserve your spot today for our High Desert Wellness Retreat!

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