What to Expect: Taos Snowshoeing Day Tour

Read more about the experience of this tour on our Travel Blog The Return of the LightFloating on Snow in Taos Backcountry.

Whether you are a skier/snowboarder looking for a different kind of snow adventure or you have never been on snowshoes, snowshoeing is a great winter experience for everyone!

Your snowshoeing expedition will begin in the lobby of Taos’ El Monte Sagrado Resort, where you will meet your guide and pack up for a scenic 20-minute drive up U.S. Hill to Amole Canyon. Caravan with your guide to your trailhead.

Taos Snowshoeing Day TourBenefitting from a snowshoe only designation area in Carson National Forest, Amole Canyon is a pristine old growth ponderosa pine forest location with excellent conditions for all levels of snowshoe experience. Besides the uncrowded varied level of opportunities, Amole Canyon fosters appreciation for the growing popularity, quiet solitude and easy joy of snowshoeing.

After a snowshoe strapping demonstration, pole fitting, and short safety talk from your guide, your adventure begins! Enjoy two to four miles of backcountry trail offering great views of Picuris Peak, while meandering through a quiet blanketed wilderness mix of old growth pine and mountain meadows.

Since our trail will be at elevation over 8,000 feet, come prepared with a water bottle, backpack, snow boots, warm gloves and hat, sunglasses or goggles and comfortable waterproof thermal layered clothing. When snowshoeing you warm up quickly, so wearing multiple layers of clothing and having a backpack to stow layers, is ideal.

You will enjoy a tailgating gourmet picnic where your guide will have warm beverages, folding chairs, blankets and your lunch. A perfect finish to your day spent in Taos Backcountry!

For a more thorough explanation of what to wear and expect, read our blog post Floating on Snow, where we highlight the specialness of snowshoeing.

“Snowshoes are a footwear for walking on top of the snow and is similar to winter hiking. Snowshoes work by distributing your weight over a larger area so that your foot does not sink completely into the snow, a quality called “flotation.” So, there is a feeling like you are floating on top of snow.”

Heritage Inspirations tour guide and guests in Taos, New Mexico.Snowshoe guests in Taos, New Mexico.

Snowshoe guests in Taos, New Mexico.

Amole Canyon covered in snow in Taos, New Mexico.
Snowshoe guest in Taos, New Mexico.
Taos Snowshoeing Day TourSnowshoe Tour guests in Taos, New Mexico.
Taos Snowshoeing Day Tour
Snowshoeing guests eating a tailgate lunch in Taos, New Mexico.

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