What to Expect: Hiking in Rio Grande Del Norte Monument & Taos Pueblo Tour

Group hiking in Taos, New Mexico.

Begin your journey with a trip to the Taos Gorge Bridge, the seventh tallest bridge in the U.S. At the bridge grounds, you can walk along a short section of the Rim Trail to learn about its dynamic geological story while soaking in the incredible views of the Rio Grande Rift and the river, of the same name, below.

From there, you will voyage into the Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument for an interpretive guided experience. This land displays evidence of the ancient peoples’ regional inhabitance with petroglyphs, prehistoric dwellings sites and other archeological discoveries, and in so doing, previews Taos Pueblo’s long ancestral connection to the land.San Geronimo Chapel in Taos Pueblo, New Mexico.

You’ll see how the mighty Rio Grande River cuts through the center of the monument, whereby the thick lava flows of the Rio Grande Rift Valley carve out their sharp stunning 800-foot-deep descent through the middle of the Taos Plateau. Our trailhead starts at 6,400 feet, offering breathtaking scenery along the 2.4 mile La Vista Verde Trail. Catch views of the Taos Box, an 18-mile stretch of up to 900-foot cliffs and huge rapids that empty at the historic Taos Junction Bridge.

Then, you’ll move onto the World Heritage UNESCO site of Taos Pueblo, the Pueblo’s multi-storied adobe buildings have been continuously occupied for over 1,000 years and is one of the oldest inhabited communities in the United States. Learn about these Tiwa speaking northern most Puebloans by listening to a private community docent explain to you this bucolic village’s historical and modern contexts.

Finally, enjoy a traditional Puebloan lunch from Al’Thloo’s Café. Al’Thloo means grandmother in Tiwa and reflects the locally inspired home-made specialties like chicken stuffed fry bread and piñon coffee.

If you want a deeper understanding and viewing of the original peoples’ tribal dwellings and see for yourself why humans have been attracted to this gorgeously stark landscape for thousands of years, then book this tour today!

Iconic stacked structure in Taos Pueblo, New Mexico.