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Heritage Inspirations is partnering with Heritage Hotels & Resorts to offer guests a Wellness Program in Santa Fe, Taos and Albuquerque. This program is free for hotel guests and an integral part of our wellness pillar.

The program consists of a wellness walk that highlights the uniqueness of each destination and drops you into the moment, awakening your senses and grounding you into the location. The wellness walk is complemented by an hour long yoga practice that is suitable for beginners and long time practitioners alike. The wellness walks leave from our HI Travel Hubs inside each hotel.

Plaza Blanca

be present.

Plaza Blanca

be mindful.



Meet at the HI travel hub inside El Monte Sagrado Resort on Friday and Saturday mornings at 8am for a 30 minute wellness walk. On this walk you will explore a four season sanctuary that is ancient in its knowledge of sense of place and has cultivated a cultural fabric that inspires artisans and those seeking a life at ease. Immerse yourself in the culture of northern New Mexico. Rich in being a center of the Wild West and home to one of the oldest cultures and communities in North America. A historic plateau situated at the upper foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Taos will open our senses and imprint on your soul. Be present. Be mindful. Take in the light that inspired an ancient and present civilization, a land that has realized dreams. Walk in our shoes, taking in the indigenous flora; our sacred Cottonwood, Pine and Aspen trees. Each step leads you deeper, guiding you through the resting places of so many that once called Taos home. Wander the roads that led many here through light and shadow and unwind in our storytelling. Breathe in and breathe out as your Heritage Inspirations guide drops into the natural beauty of Taos enticing all of your senses.

On Saturdays, the walk is followed by an hour-long yoga practice led by Kari Malen in the gallery of El Monte Sagrado. Kari is a Taos based certified yoga instructor who aims to help clear your mind of can’t and inspire you to find your best self both on and off the mat.

santa fe

Meet at the HI travel hub in Inn & Spa at Loretto Friday and Saturday mornings at 7:30 to indulge your senses and start your day off right. Breath in the fresh air of the high desert, listen to the sounds of nature and meditate on the gifts that present themselves at your fingertips. The oldest capital city in the United States, a place that is reflective of centuries of tradition. A city that is captivating with its own charm and majesty. Immerse yourself in our wellness morning ritual. As you awake from your dreams and start your day by meditating in nature. We will guide you on a 30 minute walk along the Santa Fe River. A trickling tributary of the Rio Grande. Breath in the fresh air of the high desert, listen to the sounds of nature and meditate on the gifts that present themselves at your fingertips. This meditative walk helps to reduce stress, enhance productivity and open your five senses to the City Different. A special place we love and call Santa Fe.

This is complemented by a special hour long yoga class on Saturday mornings at 8:30am on the pool deck at El Dorado Hotel and Spa. Classes are taught by Zania Budayr and Annie Mullins. Zania is  a New York City-based certified vinyasa yoga and meditation teacher with a passion for helping people learn nurturing practices that can become tools to manage stressors of everyday life. Annie’s classes are designed to create space to tend to one’s Self in the most loving way. Focusing on anatomical and energetic alignment within the breath flow, Annie hopes to encourage practitioners to tap into their own visceral richness and integrative strength.



Charlotte Montoya

Meet at the HI travel hub inside Hotel Chaco at 7:30am Thursday – Sunday for a 30 minute wellness walk  that grounds you and drops you into the natural beauty of Albuquerque awakening all five senses. Travel back in time as we curate an authentic experience of the culture of Albuquerque. We leisurely walk to Numbe Whageh a nearby spiritual center created by landscape artist Nora Naranjo Morse. Leave the daily hustle behind as we take in the nature of indigenous grounds and vegetation to heal and center our spirits. Together, we will awake, revive, and prosper from this short but significant journey.

On Saturday mornings enjoy an hour-long yoga practice taught by Charlotte Montoya in the fitness center at Hotel Chaco. Charlotte is an Albuquerque based certified yoga teacher. She explains, “I am in love with the practice of yoga and fascinated by the body’s innate ability to heal. I know I was put on this earth at this time to help people and I am grateful that teaching has provided the means for me to hold space for others in their own healing journeys.

These wellness programs are a special offering for guests of Heritage Hotels, highlighting our partnership and giving guests the opportunity to dive deeper into each location. Join us to ground into New Mexico and awaken your senses.

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