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Make Travel Plans – Rebirthing Enchanting Traditions

Make Travel Plans – Rebirthing Enchanting Traditions

As we start off the New Year here in the Land of Enchantment we were bedazzled by the earth painted white with a much anticipated snow storm. To witness the morning sunrise and evening sunsets that cast their intoxicating light across our landscapes illuminated by snow diamonds, is comparable to watching the aurora borealis in the Northern Hemisphere.

This light and arid climate of New Mexico are some of the reasons our nickname is known as the Land of Enchantment. Coined originally by our Tourism Bureau in 1935 and later in 1941 the legend was added to license plates and came into common reference soon thereafter. In the late 1800s it healed many who suffered from TB and historically allured people from the East Coast to seek out this wild and healing place which completely transformed their quality of life. I think the ethereal light and intentional alignment against our distinct architectures is often what imprints upon the soul and memory when exploring this wild and cultural gem.

“Looking towards the ethereal light, walking in awe of this land’s spellbinding qualities. views like this make it easy to reflect behind while looking forward and allowing all this beauty to saturate the soul and surrender to gratitude for every step. the snow came in alignment with the new year and feels like a love poem after waiting for winter to begin. heart melting into gratitude where the sun meets the snow and glistens with promise.”

– Angelisa Murray

As we look at the horizon ahead I am humbled by how many guests traveled with Heritage Inspirations (HI) last year. When I first began this company in the Fall of 2015 in partnership with Jim Long, CEO of Heritage Hotels & Resorts, I had a passionate vision and robust path before me. I was committed in my tour development to provide the traveler with a visceral encounter that immerses them into our vibrant heritage, ancient traditions, piques their curiosities while unveiling deeper truths here that are not easily known or seen. Now looking back across the metamorphosis of HI entering our seventh year of operations, I am humbled by how we’ve grown into a dynamic tribe who authentically curates deep connections and colorful adventures in the different corners from ABQ to Santa Fe to my home of Taos. Our HI Tribe is now close to 20 – developing, curating, documenting and sharing this place we call home and intimately know in each of our unique ways.

This year our mantra for our tour development is committed to rebirthing enchanting traditions across the landscape of our tours. Each month in our two newsletters we will be peeling back the layers of New Mexico’s unique enchanting traditions highlighted by our Travel Diaries written by our Inspired Guides In the Field, Meet the Maker Series, Inspired Partners Interviews, our very own veteran guide and author, Daniel Gibson with a Featured Monthly Column called Beyond the Itinerary followed by our Insider Multi-Day Itineraries beyond HI Tours. We hope you enjoy each of these editorial intimate morsels crafted by our team that aim to cast light upon your New Mexico travel plans!

I can’t express how grateful I am to be living my true life’s purpose and sharing this with each of you out there in the field on tours with HI. We’ve all endured much together. There is constant ebb and flow of this pandemic that we continue to navigate from one day to the next. One thing I am certain of is that travel is a powerful invitation to elevate the soul, to connect you to something outside of yourself that evokes inspiration and wonder and prepares you with excitement for the next journey ahead! And HI is the conduit we provide to you to illuminate valuable discoveries while wandering New Mexico. A toast to more unforgettable memories that rejuvenate and energize you. From culinary outdoor adventures to witnessing the night skies sleeping in a glamping tent, to hiking within our notorious light in our painted desert or alpine forests, we offer diverse options from which you may choose. We are up for the challenge to WOW each of you again in 2022!

From our Tribe to Yours,
Happy New Year!

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