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January Travel Blog | Glampour – Reimagine Glamping with HI’s Enchanting Experience

Do you love to experience the great outdoors, but struggle with the lack of comfort when camping?  Do you long to experience the enchantment of the New Mexico sky far from any light pollution, where you can sit back and enjoy the stars?  Do you want to do it in style?

We have the perfect experience for you!

Imagine camping in luxury. Glamping is a new trend in the travel industry. It is glamourous camping fusing the glamour of nice accommodations with the outdoor off the grid experience of camping, the prodigy of luxury and experiential travel.

Typically, glamping experiences are stationary camping facilities in remote outdoor settings. At Heritage Inspirations we took this concept a little further. In line with our mission to reimage travel, we reimagined glamping by creating our own unique experience that we call Glampour.

Now you can immerse yourself in the stunning New Mexican high country, with comfy beds, gourmet meals, and hot showers when you go on a glampour with Heritage Inspirations.

So, what is glampour? It combines glamour + camping + tour = Glampour.  It is our exclusive take on glamping. By merging glamour with camping and touring we create a truly unique travel experience allowing you to enjoy awe-inspiring remote scenery, luxury and the beauty of the land of enchantment. Allowing you to luxuriously – go wild!

Step off the beaten path, walking away from superficial tourist activities and embrace an immersive outdoor adventure that improves the way that you connect with the world. This transformational style of travel will enrich your life and, ultimately, leave you with an impression that lasts much longer than the journey itself. These journeys are bucket list experiences and offer you a chance to slow down and enjoy epic views of the New Mexico wilderness that can only be experienced on our tours.

We create an authentic and intimate experience for you to explore the dynamic history and natural beauty of our state with a one of a kind pop-up deluxe glamping experience, that will rove and move with you to hard to reach destinations.

Our crew heads out early to setup your luxurious accommodations, so that when you arrive after a day of adventure everything is ready for you to relax in style. You will enjoy a spacious canvas tent, with non-camplike amenities, such as a raised wooden bed-frame, memory foam pad bedding, heater, bedside table, butterfly canvas chairs, plush rugs and southwest textiles.

In the evening you will be treated to a gourmet farm to table diner by Chef Marianne, a graduate of the French Culinary Institute. Using locally sourced and sustainable ingredients, she creates four-course meals that are truly decadent and make you feel happy, nourished, thankful, and peaceful. You will dine beneath solar strung lights creating the atmosphere for a dreamy evening of storytelling around the dinner table. This rustic but chic outdoor setting makes the flavors in our dinners even more delicious after a day of hiking and exploring.

Glampours offer a way to experience the untamed and completely unique parts of New Mexico, like Chaco Canyon, with luxurious hotel-like amenities.

You can authentically see the Colorado Plateau’s most awe-inspiring night-sky, yet retire to a comfortable bed in your canvas tent. We also offer special activities like yoga, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, sound healing baths, and star gazing in a rustic mountain backdrop.

Additionally, our glampours take you behind the scenes to learn about the culture of the area. Accompanied by knowledgeable local guides, you learn about the deep-rooted history of Chaco canyon or get an insider’s experience of the Taos pueblo, including baking bread in a traditional horno.

So now, you don’t have to miss out on the glorious outdoors because you don’t like sleeping on the hard ground or don’t like the thought of digging a hole to bury your waste, because our glampuors will let you savor and take in New Mexico’s amazing culture, history and majestic views without sacrificing comfort.

Heritage Inspirations offers 3 distinct glampour adventures that make for a once in a lifetime experience and each glampour is designed around a meaningful cause.

You can explore the beauty and rich cultural history of Chaco Canyon through our 2 day and 1 night glamping experience.

Dive deep into the mysteries of Chaco Canyon, hike the connecting trails, and enjoy the majestic scenery on this luxurious journey. The Chaco Canyon Equinox tours are aligned with the archeoastronomy of the ancient civilizations that occupied this land where you will enjoy a special sunrise program in the Casa Rinconada. While the Chaco Canyon New Moon tours allow you to take full advantage of the International Dark Sky for a stargazing experience that is out of this world.

Take a transformative travel experience on our Taos Journey Within 3 day and 2 night glampour perched above the Rio Grande Valley.

These tours are linked with the Perseid Meteor Shower, allowing you to witness the magic of this meteorological event deep in the wilderness far from any light pollution. Relish this unique experience including hiking within the National Monument, optional sunset and sunrise yoga, stand-up paddle boarding or kayaking down the Rio Grande, and an insiders’ visit to the Taos Pueblo with the mindfulness to slow down, exhale, and arrive in the setting of the grandmother pinon and juniper trees.

Empower yourself with our Women Who Rise 4 day and 3 night glampour Wellness Retreat.

On this women-only retreat we celebrate and create strong female bonds, honor our strength and power, and dive deeply into ourselves by exploring the powerful forces of nature that live inside every woman while immersed in the stunning natural territory of Northern New Mexico. You will explore Georgia O’Keeffe Country, participate in a sage blessing and dreamcatcher workshop, explore mindfulness through mediation and movement, hike the sacred lands, journal, and stargaze. You will emerge feeling loved, confident, supported, and ready to conquer the world.

If you want to lavishly camp, then go luxuriously wild and book one of our glampours today!

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