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A Map  to the Center of Ourselves

This month’s map illuminates why the Embudo Valley is so unique and such a thrilling destination for our spring adventures.

The Embudo Valley is that magical place we all have tucked away in our imaginations. Pinoñ, Sage, and Juniper dot the walls of the rose colored canyon. The Rio Grande, fierce and gentle, meanders along the valley floor. The area teams with abundant wildlife: blue herons, bald eagles, big horn sheep, and the Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout. Small enclaves of farmers, artists, and writers spring up around unexpected corners.

This spring we partner with New Mexico River Adventures and Vivac Winery to offer you two experiences that will bring this valley to life. You will spend the morning either charging through the rapids on our Race Course (class 2-3) river trip, or serenely navigating your paddleboard through the calm waters of the Orilla Verde. In the afternoon, we will travel a few miles south to Vivác Winery in Dixon.

Vivac winery is the creation of brothers Jesse and Chris Padburg after an inspired trip to Chile. “Vivác” translates to high altitude refuge. At 6000 feet, you will be surrounded by dramatic sandstone formations and acres of vineyards, a perfect for setting for good food, good wine, and good friends. Check out our Culinary Outdoor Adventure, along with many other inspired immersive experiences.


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