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10 Ways to Use Gratitude while Traveling

Gratitude goes beyond expressing thanks to someone. These days, it has developed into a state of being that fosters a positive state of mind and is an ongoing appreciative practice that generates an enhanced presentness with life. We thought that with November almost upon us and the annual holiday of gratitude, Thanksgiving, we’d look at ways to cultivate a gracious spirit through travel and how travel is a perfect opportunity to evoke gratitude.

Here are ways we recommend you can use gratitude while traveling to enhance your travel experience and cultivate a more enlivened appreciative state of being.

Stop & notice the beauty

Stop the car, get out and savor the beauty of your surroundings. If you’re actively experiencing your environment or you’re on a set time schedule, don’t forget to pause once in while to take in the landscape and don’t be so focused on accomplishing your task that you power through without noticing what’s around you.

Step out of your comfort zone and into adventure

Get lost in a city, try something you’ve never done before, and learn how far your body can go. Adventure can feel death defying but also reminds us to appreciate life, to stretch ourselves beyond our comfort zones, and to create once in a lifetime memories.

Say “I’m grateful for…”

Either mentally to yourself or verbally to someone else, express your gratitude by saying “I’m grateful for (fill in the blank). I’m grateful for this experience, for this moment, for this gorgeous landscape, for this fun travel partner, etc. etc. etc. Don’t forget to sit in the feeling as you voice your gratitudes. You can even make it a game and say all the things you’re grateful for until you run out and can’t think of anymore.

Experience inspiration and transformation

Travel to places that are spiritually and creatively geared toward inspiration and transformation. Be touched, moved, and inspired to the point that it transforms your soul on some visceral monumental level.

Practice presence and mindfulness

Be there, in the moment, fully. Take a breath, still the mind chatter and observe.

Escape the negative overwhelming aspects of life

Travel catapults us out of our daily grind and invigorates our daily experience. Many of us, and probably you if you’re reading this, seek out travel in order to escape the negative overwhelming aspects to life and remember what’s special and unique in this world.

Give hugs, praise and thanks to those around you

People make travel interesting and special, so don’t forget to give praise, and even hugs, to those who touch your spirit with kindness. And, sit back from normal day annoyances with those you love and value their travel excitement and how they advance your journey.

Find positives in the challenges and unknowns

Look for the positive when things seem to go awry. Sitting with delays at the airport? Go sit at the bar and chat up a stranger – you may make a brand-new friend or get some travel advice for your destination. Are you in a tour group with slowpokes that delay the schedule? Use that time to practice some of these tips for gratitude and positivity instead!

Pay close attention

Look for all the details of the situation around you. If you’re outdoors, watch for movement, look for changes in colors, and listen for sounds. If you’re in a new urban environment, take in the people and their interactions, witness the ways people go about their life, find the interesting differences in architecture and city infrastructure, and explore the subtle nuances.

Be grateful for all you have and the ability to enjoy your journey

Let’s be honest, travel is a privilege not all have. Remember that you had the money, the time, and the wherewithal to be where you are, so don’t forget the honor and be ever thankful for your journey.

Here at Heritage Inspirations we try to embody these practices and this post forced us to take the time to think of our own gratitudes. We’re grateful for:

  • You! Our guests and the relationships we get to build.
  • The diversity and heritage of New Mexico and how lucky we are to call this magical wonderful place our home.
  • Our wonderful staff who make your time with us special and engaging.
  • The creativity, passion and experience we channel in order to curate Land of Enchantment tours that give you amazing mystical encounters with New Mexico.

Travel with us and we’ll encourage your ability to create and cultivate that feeling within because we know that gratitude turns into a tool you can use to actively reshape your experience, and quite possibly, redesign how you approach life.

Peace, love and thankfulness.

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