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From Albuquerque to Los Alamos
Unplug and Reconnect as you Explore Jemez New Mexico

Popularly known as the Jemez Scenic Byway. This road trip along one of the most scenic areas in New Mexico is the perfect opportunity to unplug and reconnect with nature and your inner self. You will pass through ancient lands of the native pueblo people as Bobby narrates their history, bringing the towns to life.You also pass through several living pueblos where you can witness how the Native American pueblo people live today. Follow the scenic highway, until you end up in the Santa Fe National Forest at Jemez Springs. The unique geography was created by a massive volcanic eruption followed by floods. Waters have flowed here for many centuries giving life to ancient communities in the past and living communities today. These waters created the strange rock formations throughout the mountain side that are enchanting and unique to this area. This is a magical place to cool off in the shallow waters of the Jemez River, hike scenic and forested trails, escape to the meadows in the volcanic craters, and enjoy some of the best wide open spaces that New Mexico has to offer.



DURATION: 84.4 miles one way, 1 hour 58 minutes without stopping.You have the option of continuing on through the Jemez Mountains to Los Alamos and East towards the Pojoaque Valley. In Pojoaque you’ll be less than 20 minutes North of Santa Fe. Santa Fe is roughly 45 Minutes North of Albuquerque. There is a great opportunity to complete the full look or continue North from Pojoaque to Taos, New Mexico where you can enjoy another one of our road trip itineraries.

DIFFICULTY: Moderate. There are a few switchback trails throughout that can need more precaution. Keep in mind the high elevation if you are traveling from a location that is closer to sea level.