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Lineage Earthen Seed Vessel with Scroll


New Mexico Earthen Pottery Seed Vessel with Ancient Anasazi Seeds & Scroll

These seed vessels and scrolls truly allow you to bring home a piece of the Land of Enchantment. They are living traditions, made of hand-dug, New Mexican, micaceous clay, thrown on a wheel, and wood fired in a pit on cottonwood bark topped with Aspen shavings. The vessels are filled with organically grown seeds, and a hand-written scroll with the variety name and history of growers before you and the seeds can maintain viability anywhere from 3 years to several hundred years. Every clay pot is completely unique. The varieties of seed change, as do the color and sizes of Pots available. Seeds inside are Anasazi Corn and vessels measure 2-3in. diameter and height. The perfect treasure to remind you of your journey with us.

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