Santa Fe Ambassador & E-Bike Shop Manager

Seasonal Position | Regular Season March 1st October 31st
Work Environment | E-Bike Shop & Santa Fe Travel Hub (located inside of Inn & Spa at Loretto)

At Heritage Inspirations (H.I.), we believe in a diverse, integral, and creative leadership team that is dedicated to cultivating remarkable guest experiences. Our Regional Ambassadors are the backbone of our local travel hubs that coordinate and manage each of our Inspired Regional Guides and our tour departures. They are all about people, committed to strengthening and supporting our local relationships with small businesses, communities, and hospitality partners to fortify authentic New Mexico on every tour we craft. H.I. Ambassadors enrich our talent in the field and work to illuminate our passion for storytelling through travel that truly feeds the soul.

Our Santa Fe Ambassador & E-Bike Shop Manager is the lead representative who emulates the following ideals of what Heritage Inspirations stands for and adheres to the requirements of the job qualities listed below.

Authenticity is staying connected to our heritage but not being ruled by it, being true to our roots and ourselves.

Hospitality is giving for the sake of giving, rather than for the sake of gaining. It is being genuinely warm and welcoming, caring, inclusive, kind, and sincerely seeing to the well-being and comfort of others.

Sharing is inviting our guests to participate in the fruits of our success by immersing them in everything that is New Mexico or has influenced New Mexico and enriching their time with us by providing an in-depth and authentic experience.

Quality is giving our best in all situations and always working to improve. It is attention to detail and consistently meeting and then exceeding our standards.

Fun is having a sense of humor, being able to laugh at ourselves, being the kind of person others want to be around, and celebrating the moment together.

Courage is living by our principles, adhering to our standards with absolute discipline, making the right decision in difficult situations, and sticking to our fundamentals.

The Principles of our Heritage Inspirations Family

Clear Direction is ensuring you understand our Principles and Beliefs in detail and how you contribute to our success. It is ensuring you are crystal clear on what you need to do, your priorities, and why you are tasked with the work given to you.

Preparation is ensuring you are well-trained and have the knowledge and skills to perform your duties. It allows you to add to your knowledge and skills and then gives you the chance to practice before we hold you accountable for managing your region.

Unwavering Support is coaching you with clear, timely, and honest feedback on your performance, which will emphasize teaching to help you reach your full potential.

Belonging is ensuring you have a working environment where you are included, treated as family, and made to feel special. We will celebrate everyone’s achievements and value everyone. Your management style also creates a belonging environment for your team.

Self-responsibility is taking motivated ownership of your actions, performance, results, and success of Heritage Inspirations. It is doing what is necessary to learn your job, performing it to our high standards every day, and asking questions when you have not received clear direction.
Teamwork is understanding you are part of a team and being a team player. It’s looking for opportunities to help, offering your help when needed, and asking for help before it is too late.

Make It Happen is affecting your destiny by identifying what you want to achieve and then behaving in ways that make your dreams and the success of Heritage Inspirations possible. Following through with monthly goals, managing your guide team, and ensuring you cultivate strong engagement that sets you apart as a leader.

E-Bike Weekly Tour & Shop Schedule

Regular Season: March 1 – November 30 | Expanded Hours: April 1 – October 31
Wednesday – Sunday | 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM

Offered: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday


E-Bike & Tour Hub Shop Management + Regional Engagement Oversight Weekly Tasks:

  • Manage and oversee E-Bike Shop located in Inn & Spa at Loretto with a professional, helpful and charismatic approach with every guest who visits the shop.
  • Coordinate and engage with Inn & Spa Loretto Front Office Team, Security Department and General Manager with hotel guests, shop access and security, H.I. sandwich board stands displayed and property brochure stocking all display stands. 
  • Create a monthly Tour Guide schedule Worksheet working directly with the Director of Operations. Approve or Deny Staff Time Off Requests.
  • Assisting with bookings with walk-in guests and calling guests. Check voicemail and respond back to tour inquiries.
  • Maintain and manage regional tour resource binders (including images, maps, reading material, and other educational resources) for each of the region’s tours.
  • Manage H.I. tour fleet of vehicles on hand for tour coverage. Monitor cleanliness, fuel, monthly mileage and maintenance of H.I. Fleet regional vehicle. Properly stock with H.I. Brochures and local reading material.
  • Network and outreach to other Santa Fe local businesses, tourism partners, local non-profits, and hotel partners. H.I. has established a network over the years your job is to fortify and strengthen relationships while consistently engaging on updates, tour info and sharing collateral.
  • Conduct quarterly Guide Meetings with your team. Uphold a professional environment managing quality control on tours, gear and vehicles. Check in often on staff morale. Keep an attitude that always seeks to improve and enrich both guests and staff experience. 
  • Manage and send weekly personal email to local regional partner contacts. This helps to encourage increased bookings on scheduled outgoing tours.
  • Maintain an up-to-date spreadsheet of local partnerships and of locations carrying H.I. brochures keeping track of distribution.
  • Restock and purchase supplies when necessary. Oversee the restocking and ordering of H.I. brochures that are on display throughout your region.
  • Support your guides. Clean dishes from tours when needed. 
  • Work with the Director of Operations on monthly budget goals assisting with hitting regional revenue targets. Engage walk-ins to encourage more foot traffic organic bookings.
  • Ensure a proper fleet of vehicles for your regional tour coverage.
  • Stock shop fridge with beverages as needed.
  • Keep a running inventory of shop and tour supplies ordering as supplies when needed.
  • Work directly with the E-Bike Mechanic on a regular monthly maintenance schedule.
  • Keep a master list of each e-bike and log any maintenance and mechanics that are done
    on each e-bike. This is managed by the E-Bike Mechanic.
  • Maintain an inventory of e-bike equipment and additional parts. 
  • Manage Shop Merchandise and inventory.
  • Manage cleaning and sanitizing equipment needs.
  • Managing a fully stocked First Aid Kit, sunscreen, Electrolyte Packets, and Sanitizer.
  • Keep the shop immaculately clean. Take out the trash daily. Manage any fixture replacements by working with the hotel engineering team. Ensure the TV displays H.I. looped videos + photos.
  • Engage with the local Santa Fe Bike Community as relevant for H.I. Tours. 
  • Smile, take passion in your work and know you’re part of a team that diligently is committed to extraordinary and memorable experiences!

Heritage Inspirations is New Mexico’s Premier Tour Company. Our mission is to create inspirational travel experiences that elevate our guests’ senses and compel them to an unmatched encounter with the Land of Enchantment. We take our guests off the beaten path, beyond ordinary tourist routes, and transcend boundaries and curiosities through our ethically curated, intimate, and immersive New Mexico excursions.