What to Expect: Taos Half Day Active Tour

Do your travel plans involve exploring the center of Taos’ art scene yet leave you unable to trek in her great outdoor surroundings?

The Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument exemplifies Taos’ vast outdoor riches and showcases why this truly dynamic region has creatively inspired so many artisans. Your tour would not be complete without viscerally experiencing what many consider the very soul of Taos – her phenomenal glorious wild backdrop.

You will first journey to the Taos Gorge Bridge, the seventh tallest bridge in the U.S., where you can walk along a short section of the bridge. You will learn about its dynamic geological story while soaking in the incredible views of the Rio Grande Rift and the river, of the same name, below. The bridge towers 565 feet above the free-flowing river and boasts some of the best Taos views.

Next, your monument hike on the La Vista Verde trail is a 2 ½ mile, 6,400-foot round-trip expedition, offering breathtaking scenery and spectacular panoramic views. You’ll be sure to take in the famous Taos Box overlook to see the plunging steep walled Rio Grande Gorge, where raging waters swirl below you. This hiking tour explores the heart of this geological rift zone and provides your opportunity to delve deeper into this 2.8 to 4.8 million-year-old lava walled and mesa topped wilderness area. You’ll learn about the geology and the geomorphology that etched this land.

If you want to experience the local outdoor splendors of Taos, hear about the heritage and geology connected to this landscape, as well as witness her provoking artistic wild splendors, then this unforgettable active half-day expedition is for you!