What is Glamping?

Glamping is one of our deepest passions because it combines remote outdoor experiences, with luxurious camping facilities, so you do not have to forsake pleasure and comfort while experiencing the great, but hard to reach, outdoor locations. It’s a way to experience the untamed and completely unique parts of the world, like in Chaco Canyon and northern Taos, without having to sacrifice creature comforts. You can enjoy a fusion of glamour and camping, glamping, while authentically experiencing the most awe-inspiring night sky of the Colorado Plateau in a spacious canvas tent, with non-camplike amenities, such as a raised wooden bed-frame, memory foam pad bedding, bedside table, butterfly canvas chairs, plush rugs and southwest textiles. Glamping in luxury while meditating on ancient Puebloan architecture and culture and savoring the views from your tent at Fajada Butte or the Rio Grande Valley – it can’t get much better than that!

Typically, glamping experiences are stationary camping facilities in remote outdoor settings. At Heritage Inspirations we took this concept a little further. In line with our mission to reimagine travel, we reimagined glamping by creating our own unique experience that we call Glampour.

So, what is glampour? It combines glamour + camping + tour = Glampour.  It is our exclusive take on glamping. By merging glamour with camping and touring we create a truly unique travel experience allowing you to enjoy awe-inspiring remote scenery, luxury and the beauty of the land of enchantment. Allowing you to luxuriously – go wild!

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Glamping Tours:

Chaco Canyon Day Tour | Equinox & New Moon Dates

Experience this major ancestral Puebloan center of migration, grand construction, and cultural integration by glamping overnight within Chaco Canyon’s majestic boundaries. Explore the Great Houses, hike connecting trails, witness celestial events, and enjoy a non-light polluted sky. Dive deep into the mysteries of Chaco and get an in-depth perspective without forsaking comforts, with this luxurious journey.

Taos Glamping Adventure 3 Day | 2 Night | August 12th -14th

Experience the August Perseid Meteor Shower situated at nearly 8,000 feet above the Rio Grande Valley for a 2 Night and 3 Day adventure beneath Taos majestic skies. Immersed in the wild of Taos savor the breathtaking summer sunrises and sunsets while indulging farm-to-table coursed dining each evening and sleeping in a fusion of glamour and Taos camping beneath a canopy of stars. Journey With Us and read how we have cultivated this experience in our Travel Blog and our first Perseid Meteor Experience.

“Woman Who Rise” Taos Glamping Wellness Retreat | June 11th – 14th

This four-day, three-night glamping experience is a women-only trip that will celebrate and create strong female bonds, honor female strength and power and encourage a deep dive into self. If you want to explore the powerful forces of nature and use them as a catalyst to step into your power and harness good for humankind, then this trip is for you!

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