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“I think New Mexico was the greatest experience from the outside world that I have ever had. It certainly changed me for ever…. But the moment I saw the brilliant, proud morning shine up over the deserts of Santa Fe, something stood still in my soul, and I started to attend.”

~ D.H. Lawrence

Heritage Inspirations LLC was created out of my passion and love for this colorful and exotic state that often feels like a foreign country. With over a decade of experience in traveling, guiding and excavating the texture here, our trip design is a woven tapestry of storytelling, adventure, spice and unveiling the natural wonders of New Mexico. Come get lost and found with us amongst the multicultural history, the enriching traditions, pueblos and ruins and the awe-striking landscape illuminated by the infamous ethereal light that has attracted so many artists to this area.

Our mission is to provide you with an inspirational experience that elevates your sensations, palate and spiritual encounter with the diversity of the Land of Enchantment! From the moment we meet and start our tour together your guide will take care of your every need or request. We offer you all the details and information necessary to prepare you for each day and activity. With small groups we are able to focus in on each participant and engage every interest you have along the way. Our tours are designed to provide an unforgettably extraordinary opportunity exploring and discovering the regions highlighted so that you walk away feeling a personal relationship with the people and places visited. Our trips are between 2 and 12 guests, although private tours for larger groups are also available.

Heritage Inspirations is dedicated to you, our guest, and to providing truly dynamic, authentic and diverse travel excursions! Contact Angelisa directly to customize the trip you dream about.

We look forward to providing you a truly memorable travel sojourn. Come join us and learn more about which tour is perfect for you!

Angelisa Espinoza, Owner & Guide

Angelisa Espinoza

I can remember the first adult road trip I took to Taos in my early 20’s. Even back then I felt something spiritual about the land. The dramatic skies seemed to evoke a sensation out of me that longed to become intimate with the mystery that seemed evident in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. I spent over a decade of my life as an active travel guide exploring and wandering all over the world, and yet no matter where I went, New Mexico called to me. I spent a few years living in the quirky and quaint towns saturated by unforgettable characters in Pecos, Madrid, Santa Fe and now Taos.  This is my home, and after spending years excavating and learning from this wild place of heritage, culture and natural wonder there is no greater inspiration to me than to share it. This region of New Mexico is the root of my heritage. Just north of Taos my Espinoza lineage starts in southern Colorado in the San Luis Valley and extends throughout northern New Mexico. In Taos there are two street signs that cross with my grandparents surnames, Espinoza and Maestas reminding me how blessed I am to share in this culturally rich land as apart of my family lineage that is now apart of me.

Working as an active travel guide for a variety of premiere adventure companies for over a decade, I guided others to experience the local beauty, culture and adventure activities of many special places. My experience as a trip expert, itinerary developer, regional manager, trip trainer, Safari Wilderness Guide, rafting guide, bike guide and mechanic, hiking guide and yoga teacher has poised my professionalism and keen eye for cultivating enriching travel experiences as a guide and business owner.

Roots in Taos - Grandparents Names

For most of my guiding years I had the fortune of spending majority of developing my expertise here in the Land of Enchantment biking, hiking, rafting, fly-fishing, climbing, skiing, and learning about the geology, cultural and historical insights while extensively traveling the state. The people you meet here have lines on their faces that tell many stories. They make you laugh and cry, they teach you, they sing to you, they share their colorful stories about eclectic living here, but probably one of the most inspiring truths is that everyone here is an artist or has a creative outlet pursued on the side.

New Mexico is one of those places that is often overlooked, or even mistaken as a foreign country! Many people think of this state as flat, brown and dry. It’s true, there are definitely those places that force solitude and silence amongst the sage flats, the gypsum sand dunes and the arroyos. These tours I’ve developed are about unveiling the other truths that are often not known about; the wild diversity of over 10,000-foot mountains saturated in aspens, hemlocks and wildflowers in rich green meadows while only 30 miles to the west the land is painted in oranges, pinks, reds and whites stacked, eroded and split open to invite the artists canvas and the river rats vessel. There is so much to share here it’s inspiring! Your trip to New Mexico will change you and welcome another pace of life, even if just for a few days.

My name is Angelisa Espinoza and I’m owner and guide of Heritage Inspirations LLC. I have partnered with Heritage Hotels & Resorts, New Mexicos most distinct cultural hotels. Our team would love to host you on an authentic experience and creative sojourn here in New Mexico. I look forward to sharing many of the secrets of this colorfully dynamic, diverse and multicultural state across your journey!

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